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Through our model we aim take the woman in the communities… the mamma’s that will do anything to supply food on the table for their children and trying to create an income so that their children will have a decent education. We seek to ignite the hope in them – the hope of a future and a way and means to a decent income. These woman will be taken through a series of skills training phases. Skills training phases:

  • Personal empowerment
  • 2 Entrepreneurs training
  • 3 Entrepreneurs action plan training
  • 4 And then one or more of these creative skills courses:
    • a. Basic Events and Weddings
    • b. Basic Events Décor
    • c. Basic Events Flowers
    • d. Basic Food Hygiene – (Working in a kitchen of a coffee shop)
    • e. Basic Food Preparation – (Working in a kitchen)
    • f. Basic waitering
    • g. Basic Baking
    • h. Basic Catering
    • i. Basic facility management
    • j. Textile Crafts – Sewing 1 & 2 and other textile crafts like Crochet and Knitting
    • k. Arts and Crafts – Different craft skills – mostly with recycled material and This Micro Enterprise Phase helps the many woman in a variety of services. Registering process, mentoring, business development, business plans, tender documents, network opportunities, workshops, access to funding, marketing of their services in the corporate world and further business training with the help of WTI.